Partnership opportunities

Srpska Open will be one of the biggest sporting and tennis events in the Balkan region in 2023, and we are committed to partnering with brands and companies who share our passion, our values, and our commitment to quality and constant creative development.

Through the years, our tournament grew to be a unique tennis spectacle, recognized for its quality by many of the most successful tennis players of today, who played some of their best matches at our clay courts in Belgrade.

Thanks to the premium venue and conditions we offer to players and the unique experience for fans, our tournament became one of the most watched tournaments in the 250 category reaching an incredibly diverse and global audience – which is affluent, educated, with a strong loyalty to sponsors and a deep knowledge of tennis and sports in general.



Green tournament

– Biggest planting in Tennis

Hosting a major sports event brings many perks and benefits, such as international coverage and visitors, development of tourism and economy, new jobs, and acquiring new knowledge and experience. Most importantly, major sports events bring many legacy opportunities.

From the beginning of our tournament journey, we often wondered what happens after the event? It was important for us to know what legacy we will leave behind for the generations to come. Can we, as a sports event, create something that will last far beyond the tournament itself?

With these questions in mind, within the tournament, we started the project “1 ticket – 1 tree, which aimed to plant one tree for every ticket sold at the tournament.

Thanks to this project, we planted 36,000 sycamore and red oak trees in almost 100 hectares of land in 27 cities and municipalities, in more than 120 locations. This number of trees will annually eliminate up to 840,000 tons of CO2 from the air.

1 ticket = 1 tree

Every owner of the ticket got the opportynity to plant their own tree with a GSP location and a name

36.000 trees

planted in 27 Serbian cities and municipalities where trees are missing

100 ha

More than 100 hectares will be covered by Serbia Open trees - just in 2022

840.000 CO2

840.000 TONNES of CO2 per year is evaded with our 2022 planting

120 locations

There was additional winter planting with total of more than 120 locations in Serbia

In our third year of the tournament organization, we have the opportunity to organize our event in Banjaluka, using all advantages and potentials of the infrastructure we have there, which leaves us much more room for creativity and additional activities both with participants and with partners and sponsors, than in previous years.

In Banjaluka, with a new central stadium with over 6,000 seats, and a total capacity of almost 10,000 seats on all match courts, we have many areas for branding and promotion.

Within the tennis venue, the opening of a large FAN village is also planned, where all partners will have the opportunity to create unique and personalized programs, activations, and promotion corners, engaging their target audience in a way that resonates most meaningfully for the brand.

Each of our partnerships is customized to meet the objectives of the partner, taking advantage of the tournament assets that are most beneficial to your brand.

20 milion + viewers
130 TV stations
250 + journalists
10.000 + news and posts

Local, national, and international media interest in our tournament grows each year, reaching the number of 20 million viewers around the world in the last two years, on more than 130 TV stations with additional extensive coverage across print, digital and social media, as well. In 2023, these numbers are expected to grow even more, once again reaching the audience across the globe.

Partnering with us would provide worldwide visibility of your company and brand.

If you are interested in partnering with us and being part of a spectacular sports event, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to share more information with you and explore all the ways we can present your company and brand!