The story behind Srpska Open logo

Wed 15 Feb 2023

Each logo carries its own story, hidden or clear, complex or simple, always conveying an important message and the essence of what is behind that visual.

The symbolism of the “Srpska Open” tournament logo and the story it represents are really specific and unique, carefully designed and filled with important messages.

It primarily represents a balance – between tradition and transformation, old and new, stability and change, composed of eight specific parts and rich in content.

Banjaluka is a city with a reach history and tradition. It is a combination of the ancient spirit of the kasaba and the cosmopolitan spirit of the most beautiful European cities. This city also has a very rich tennis and sports tradition, which is why the primary, central motif of the logo is a tennis ball, which hides the initials of this tournament – the Cyrillic letters S and O, while the colors that adorn it, in their order, symbolize the flag.

On the other hand, opposite to tradition stands the change, which is a constant companion of our tournament that grows, changes, acquires different dimensions, following grater ambitions and finally, a new tennis home, which is why the tennis court is another motif that represents an important part of this logo.

While the background of the logo represents the traditional motif and important sights of the host city – Banja Luka, as well as the centuries-old characteristics of that region, its front part is composed of dynamic lines that are in constant motion.

    The symbols of the city of Banja Luka, such as the Dayak Boat, Kastel fortress, but also the rich nature of Republika Srpska depicted in gorges, evergreen vegetation, riverbanks, hills, valleys and mountains, highlight the beauty of this year’s tournament location, which will be enjoyed by all sports fans.

The name of the tournament is written in modern, expressive lines with technical precision, which is a contrast to all traditional motifs, which is why tradition and transformation, new and old, stability and change become one, here, at the tournament – Srpska Open 2023.