Rublev: I’m happy to have reached another final

Sat 22 Apr 2023

Andrey Rublev is definitely playing the best tennis of his
life this year. He was excellent in Monte Carlo when he won
his first Masters tournament, and today he secured his spot in
the final of the Srpska Open tournament after he defeated
Slovak Alex Molcan. Although, according to his own words, he
was struggling during the second set, he managed to focus at
the end of the set and schedule another duel to compete for
the trophy of the winner of the Srpska Open.
"I’m happy to reach another final. I played well but then I
wanted to finish the match earlier in the second set and I
started panicking, I started making mistakes and Molcan was
playing better. I saw that he believed he could turn the match
around, which resulted in dramatic moments in the second set.
I had to calm down”, Andrey Rublev.
The second seed admitted that he was getting under ever
greater stress in the second set, which affected his game.
However, he tried to remain focused, which was not an easy
task because the opponent was on a roll.
"I started feeling the stress because I didn’t manage to break
his serve earlier. Then I got emotional and it’s only normal.
There were three rebreaks but it all turned out all right in
the end”.
In his answer to the question who would he like to play
against after Djokovic was ousted from the tournament, the
Russian tennis player said that he would adjust to whoever
wins the second semi-final. Miomir Kecmanovic and Dusan
Lajovic were playing their semi-final match at the moment.
"We saw yesterday that Lajovic was capable of some great
tennis. However, I wouldn’t like to guess the winner. I’m not
really thinking about that just now. I would like to enjoy my
victory. Regardless of who the winner is, I’ll find the way to
play against my opponent”.

Rublev did not miss this chance to praise the hosts either.
"I like everything here. The tournament and the organisation
are excellent. Everything is really good. I’m really grateful
to Djordje Djokovic. He has provided me with everything I
needed and there are only few tournaments where I got such
attention I’ve had at the Srpska Open. I’m more than
satisfied. The same thing happened last year when I

participated at the Serbia Open I won. Everything was
impeccable there as well”.
Rublev also commented on the upcoming tournament, namely
whether he would have enough time to get some rest before the
tournament in Madrid. However, he mentioned that he did not
have enough time to rest but that he will most certainly use
the upcoming days to relax.
“I’ll have more time to relax once I’m in Madrid because the
tournament will last two weeks, which is a good thing. Last
year I played in Belgrade, one week after another. That’s not
the case now. However, if I don’t get far at the tournament in
Madrid, then I’ll have even more time to relax before the
tournament in Rome. When I have some free time, I like to go
home and spend time with my parents and friends”, Rublev