Record-high number of spectators

Sun 23 Apr 2023

The tournament started off on a rainy morning and it ends on a sunny day with smiles on the faces of all
people who have dedicated their time and their effort in the last couple of months for the Srpska Open
to be a tournament the world will be talking about.
Banjaluka citizens recognised organisers’ intention and their dedication to bring major tennis names to
the tournament, with Novak Djokovic at the helm. That is why it does not come as a surprise that new
records have been set in every segment of the organisation of the Srpska Open tournament. Tennis
players had supportive spectators at the stands. Since Day 1 of the tournament, tennis fans were there
to cheer on each player whereas the ones who were not lucky enough to get the tickets, looked for
entertainment in the Fan Village.
The Srpska Open says the attendance reached 70.000 over the course of the tournament. A new record
has been set in the number of spectators. They have given their wholehearted support to the