I played well

Fri 21 Apr 2023

Miomir Kecmanovic rolled past into the semi-finals of the Srpska Open where he is scheduled to play
against his countryman Dusan Lajovic tomorrow. It’s difficult to foretell the winner of the all-Serb match at
the Centre Court, having in mind that both of our players are in top form. That said, Kecmanovic breezed
through to the semi-finals with 2:0 (7:5,6:0).
"I believe I played rather well. I’m very happy to have reached the semi-finals”.
Kecmanovic was especially convincing in the second set and ‘shut down’ the Centre Court quickly,
although he says that 6:0 doesn’t mean so much.
"6:0 doesn’t mean too much except that I finished the match earlier and struggled less”.
He then commented on the semi-finals.
“I practiced with Duci on several occasions but we’ve never played against each other. We’ll certainly
have an interesting match. He’s more comfortable on clay than I am, although I play well on clay too now.
I surprise myself. Hopefully, I’ll continue at the same pace”.
Almost all players agree that the surface at the Centre Court is slow and that it affects the game.
“The slowest surface I’ve ever played on. It’s really demanding. It requires a lot of effort. You cannot finish
the point easily”.
Kecmanovic was having trouble with injury before but you couldn’t tell anything on the tennis court.
"I took an X-ray. My leg is great. The doctor did a good job and it’s not giving me any trouble on the court”.
Before he stepped on the court, Kecmanovic watched the duel between Djokovic and Lajovic.
“They both played well. It’s always interesting to watch our players because something interesting
happens. An excellent match although Nole probably wouldn’t agree with me. Anyhow, I watched
beautiful tennis”.